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Top 5 Trekking Tours in India

Do you meet the following points - Are you a mountain Man? Heights give you thrill? You are proud of boasting a serious stamina? You prefer calm environments under a tree shade than the office cubicle? If you meet a...Read more
View count:- 5657  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Feb 24 2014

25 Must See Places to See in India before you die

India is an epitome of culture and abode for many incredible tourist places to visit. It is a 7th largest country in the world and attracting numerous tourists every day from all corners of the world. Here, we have li...Read more
View count:- 12119  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Jan 27 2014

Top Adventurous Activities to Enjoy in Indian Himalayas

Ask any adventurist about his favorite adventure destination and you will get a unanimous reply 'The Grand Indian Himalayas'. The mighty Indian Himalayan ranges are a home to almost every thrill filled activity, be it a...Read more
View count:- 8893  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Jan 13 2014

An Interview with Travel Blogger Ankita Sinha - AnkiOnTheMove

Greetings fellow travel enthusiasts, We've got an interesting interview for you with an avid solo traveler (Ankita Sinha) who luckily had the joy of experiencing India and other countries. Many of you may recognize her ...Read more
View count:- 6561  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Jan 9 2014

Top 31 professional Indian travel bloggers

Apart from all travel talks, we should at least thankful for those who discovered more and more places with their outstanding adventures and photography activities in their blogs, to tell the world about this Great Indi...Read more
View count:- 24587  |   Posted by :- siva  |   Posted on :- Dec 6 2013

Knowing the beauty of Kerala Backwaters - Houseboat Tourism

Kerala is a unique south Indian state, nurtured with the high distinctive traditions and cultures. In this fast moving life, Kerala is a perfect destination for a leisurely vacation. Its labyrinthine emerald backwater s...Read more
View count:- 3290  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Nov 27 2013

Amazing Himalayan Treks for Thrill Seekers

The northern part of India is crowned with the mighty Himalayan ranges. These ranges are known for concealing the ultimate thrill in their snow-dressed mountains, mighty glaciers and steeped valleys. Thus, whenever it c...Read more
View count:- 2928  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Nov 25 2013

Which is the tiger state of India

Karnataka Or Madhya Pradesh ? Once again, the pursuit for the crown of 'The Tiger State' is on. During the last tiger census that was conducted in theyear 2011, Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) lost this tag to Karnataka. In 2011...Read more
View count:- 2245  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Nov 19 2013

Top Rafting Destinations in India - A Gateway to Experience the Ultimate Adventure

The strong and powerful rivers flowing down from the high altitude of the Himalayas make India one of the world's best adventure places. Dotted with various exciting rafting locations, the country is listed as the most ...Read more
View count:- 3652  |   Posted by :- siva  |   Posted on :- Oct 30 2013

Skiing and Snowboarding in India

The mountains of India are more often thought of as a place for climbing and trekking than as ski destinations, but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the cooler weather in this country that is kn...Read more
View count:- 4948  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Oct 15 2013

5 Places to Come Close to Nature Around Delhi

If you are tired of your routine life and want to take your mind off the custom things that muddle your brain- You should plan a Delhi Tour and enjoy your days in some beautiful sights making you feel relaxed in the nat...Read more
View count:- 3965  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Sep 25 2013

Top Backpacking Adventures in the Himalayas

The Himalayas are amongst the youngest mountain ranges of the world, it comprises of over hundred peaks exceeding 7200 meters (22,838 feet) in height, including the world's highest peak Mt. Everest 8848 meters (29,029 f...Read more
View count:- 2005  |   Posted by :- siva  |   Posted on :- Sep 23 2013

Few Tips to Plan a Road Trip in India

Exploring their homeland has long been a tradition for Indians. Cruising down the road in a comfortable vehicle has taken on an almost romantic experience most Indians dream of. The vastness of the country allows for un...Read more
View count:- 1511  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Aug 20 2013

Top 5 Treks in Kumaon

Kumaon is a very attractive place, which is popular worldwide as the paradise for the trekkers. The trekkers can certainly feel the fresh air, stroll through the dense forests and see the fascinating destinations while ...Read more
View count:- 2467  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Aug 14 2013


Royal Bengal Tigers- the national animal and proud of India is endangered and the fact was never hidden. Hence, it is no wonder what catapulted the wildlife tourism in the various tiger reserves around the country, whic...Read more
View count:- 4830  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Aug 2 2013

Top Reasons to Visit Sikkim

In terms of area, Sikkim is regarded as the second smallest state in India. However in terms of biodiversity, this size really doesn't matter much. Being sanctified with the mighty Himalayas, the landscape of Sikkim is ...Read more
View count:- 2466  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Aug 2 2013

Man and elephant conflict - Elephant a culprit or a victim

The population of elephants all over the world is threatened today by the loss and degradation of its natural habitats, poaching, killing for ivory and so on. The rate at which the jungles are cleaned away and trees are...Read more
View count:- 2677  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- Jul 8 2013

Top 5 Efforts Taken For Conserving Indian Wildlife

'A country is known by the way it treats its animals' By PT. Jawaharlal Nehru Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India has so beautifully portrayed the role of wildlife in an economy. Wildli...Read more
View count:- 4441  |   Posted by :- raghu  |   Posted on :- May 28 2013

What to carry while traveling during Monsoons

1. A large sized umbrella of good quality. 2. Dark color clothes should be worn so that mud spots cannot be seen which get splashed while walking. 3. Put on short trousers, to avoid the trouser getting wet from the bo...Read more
View count:- 2902  |   Posted by :- Seema  |   Posted on :- Jun 25 2012

5 Indian States to travel this Monsoon

Gone are the days when anyone would advise you not to travel during the monsoons in India. The travel concept has changed over the years as many travellers wait for the arrival of the monsoons to explore places which of...Read more
View count:- 2384  |   Posted by :- Ravi  |   Posted on :- Jun 21 2012

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