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History of Raiganj: Raiganj has always been a part of the Uttar Dinajpur District but Uttar Dinajpur District and Dakshin Dinajpur District were one District called the West Dinajpur before they got bifurcated in 1992.

During ancient times, the West Dinajpur District area was a part of the Kingdom of Pundravardhana where the son of a Brahmin of Kotivarsha was Bhadrabahu (the Jaina guru of Chandragupta Maurya).

Pundranagara was also called the Mahasthangarh was the centre of Buddhism during the Maurya Period. This was established by the discovery of a seal from this area in 1931. Other seals, coins and terracotta figurines that were excavated in this area bear evidence that the Pundravardhana maintained good relations with the Sungas, Kushans, Samatata, Davaka and Kamarupa and also that the Gupta Empire, the Pala Dynasty and the Sena Dynasty had all had a strong presence in North Bengal as they ruled over it.

In 1201, the Muslim King Muhammad Bakhtyar Khalji defeated Lakshmanasena at Nadia and with this the Mughal rule over North Bengal started and in 1585, Akbar conquered Bengal.

In 1765, the District of West Dinajpur came under the British East India Company.

In 1905 Bengal was divided into two for administrative convenience and the struggle for Freedom from the British started in 1919 in West Dinajpur. The 1942 Quit India Movement saw active joint-participation of the Hindus and the Muslims of the District.

Raiganj in Uttar Dinajpur has been a part of and under the reign of several ancient dynasties and kingdoms such as the Pundravardhana, the Gupta Empire, the Pala Dynasty and the Sena Dynasty, until 1201 when the Muslim King Muhammad Bakhtyar Khalji conquered the area. Post this, in 1585 Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered Bengal and West Dinajpur District came under the British East India Company in 1765 who were overthrown by Indian Union in 1947.

Raiganj has always been a steady contributor to the Agricultural provisions of the State but what really put Raiganj on the map is the Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary which is said to be Asia's second largest Bird Sanctuary.

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Raiganj have one book fair held every year in December name UTTAR DINAJPUR ZILLA SADAR RAJGANJ BOOK FAIR Found by rhyme writer TUHIN KUMAR CHANDA ON 2000 .It raiganj own book fair. Every year held at raiganj coronation high school ground. It's a festival of raiganj. ... added by   meghna chanda on Aug 2 2015
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