Do Banki Watch Tower, Sundarban National Park

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Do Banki, Sundarban National Park:

Do Banki Watch tower is the third point on the tour of Sundarban National Park.

The grand Canopy Walk is what Do Banki Watch Tower is famous for and visited for. Your trip to the Sundarban would be incomplete without this Canopy Walk. Infact this Canopy Walk completes your trip to the Sundarban. It is more than half kilometre long walkway, at a height of 20 feet from the ground which is covered in grill and strong net in the form of a canopy to protect from the wildlife and therefore is safe. This Canopy Walk takes you half kilometre deep into the forest where you could be walking alongside tigers, deers etc. It is a very thrilling experience which brings back tourists for repeat-walks. This Watch Tower overlooks a sweet water pond where spotted Deers, Tigers and Brahmini Kites visit.

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