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St. Mary's Hill, Kurseong: 4 kilometres east of Kurseong town is St Mary's Hill which encompasses St. Mary's Grotto; the St. Mary's Seminary-turned Forest Rangers College (Eastern Forest Ranger s College); the statues of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary and St. John's Church.

The tranquil and beautiful hilly forests of St. Mary's Hill amidst which is the Church and the Grotto evoke a deep sense of piousness and reverence. It s a place visited by Christians as well as people of other faiths who visit to pay respects or to worship in Church.

St. Mary's Grotto is a stone-cave which houses the statue of Mother Mary where devotees and visitors light candles in honor of Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

This hill is a beautiful hill which offers fragmented views of the surroundings and makes for an interesting trek up.

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