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Chakdaha, West Bengal: Chakdaha is a city and municipality (urban administrative division) in Kalyani subdivision of Nadia District in West Bengal. Located at 23°05′N 88°31′E, Chakdaha has an average elevation of 36 feet above sea level and is located on the east bank of River Bhagirathi. Nadia District shares international borders with Bangladesh.

Chakdaha is 42 kms south of the District Capital - Krishnanagar; 25 kms northeast of Kalyani; 10 kms south of Payradanga; 13 kms south of Ranaghat; 47 kms north of Barrackpore; 59 kms north of Dum Dum and 66 kms north of State Capital - Kolkata.

According to Hindu mythology, when River Bhagirathi was leading River Ganga along this route, it was at this place that the 'chakra' (wheel) of his chariot got stuck in the sand from which the place derives its name - 'Chakradaha' or Chakdaha.

Chakdaha is a quiet river-side town of West Bengal in Nadia District. Rani Nagar Ghat and Gour Nagar Ghat are two points on the Bhagirathi river bank in Chakdaha where one could take boat rides or long walks alongside the river. Locals spend their evenings here. As fishing is an industry here at Chakdaha, a fishing permit from the State government may be required for tourists to indulge in fishing in River Bhagirathi in Chakdaha.

Mangaldeep Island is another place to be explored for picnicking which is near Payradanga.

Chakdaha - similar to Kalyani is predominantly into education with numerous schools and colleges with affiliation to Kalyani University.

Chakdaha is also well equipped with mid-sized Hospitals, diagnostic centres, veterinary hospital, movie theatres, small restaurants, bazaars, stadium, police station, couple of parks, temples and its own water-treatment plant.

The area on the north of Chakdaha towards its District Capital - Krishnanagar is an agricultural area whose main produce is rice, mangoes, jute, fish, poultry and cattle.

In Krishnanagar there is a locality called Ghurni (51 kms north of Chakdaha) which is the birthplace of the fountainhead of 'Kriya Yoga' - Yogiraj Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya.

Krishnanagar (42 kms north); Kalyani (25 kms south); Ranaghat (13 kms north); Barrackpore (47 kms south); Dum Dum (59 kms south); Kolkata (66 kms south) are nearby cities.

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