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Adventure Sports, Rishikesh: The turbulent rivers and nearby mountainous area of Rishikesh makes it an ideal and excellent spot for adventure sports. Some of them includes White Water Rafting, Canoeing, Trekking, Rock-Climbing / Mountaineering, Camping and Skiing (especially in winters), body surfing & cliff jumping, Kayaking, Canoeing, etc. Interested tourists can enjoy the unique flavor of adventure sports in the Himalayan town of Rishikesh. Details of some of the adventure sports with key highlights are mentioned below

Trekking- Rishikesh is an ideal location for rafting and cannoning and trekking activities due to its wonderful location down the hills. Travelers from various parts of the country and across the globe come to Rishikesh every year, to enjoy the gigantic Himalayan treks.

Trekkers can enjoy the thrilling experience of vast mountain ranges, cool rivers and dense forests. Ancient temples, Buddhist monasteries and beautiful sceneries of the surroundings on the way attract the trekkers.

Trekking into Garhwal Himalayas is one of the key attractions here.
The trek starts from Thalisain via Pauri. The adventurous journey from Thalisain takes us through a very rich forest of pine, oaks, deodar and silver fir full of wildlife.

Another interesting trek is Buwani Neergud. This trek is short and compact. The key attractions are natural environment, forests, beautiful sceneries, waterfall etc. The trek is comparatively easy and can be done by people of average fitness levels. This is an ideal trek for small groups and corporate teams and can be done over the weekends.

Roopkund trek is another attractive trek here. Roopkund is situated at a height of 5029 meters in the lap of Trishul ridge. The presence of human and animal skeletal in the lake makes this as a mysterious place. Other important trekking routes of Rishikesh include Devi National Park Trek, Kauri Pass Trek, Kalindi Khal Trek, and Kankul Khal Trek.

To have safe and enjoyable Trekking, one is advised to keep the followings with them such as a torch, inner fleece body warmers, comfortable shoes suitable for hikes/treks, windproof jackets, warm headgear/balaclava, gloves, trekking pole, cameras, first aid box for personal medication if required etc. All clothing/luggage should be kept in rucksack/soft bags so that they can be easily carried on ponies.

Kaudiyala- It is an ideal place for rock climbing and is located at a height of 380 m from sea level nearby Rishikesh. Dense forests surround the entire vicinity. Rare view of wild animals in their natural habitat can be experienced here. One is advised to keep a torch, comfortable shoes suitable for hikes/treks, cameras, first aid box for personal medication if required etc. to have a safe and enjoyable rock climbing.

White water rafting- Water Rafting is most famous adventurous sport in this region. Domestic as well as international adventurous tourists visit and enjoy this sport. Camping facilities are present with all requirements such as Rafting equipment, proper training guidance etc. One can have the choice of choosing from easy, medium and tough rapids at different regions of River Ganges. Dynamic tourists are steadily attracted towards these neat and calm surroundings of this place to enjoy the challenging activity of white water rafting. It is necessary to carry the essential equipment on their own such as goggles, antiseptic cream, tennis shoes, nylon shorts, swimsuit, sandals, hat, medications along (like insulin, inhalers ) etc. to be on safe side.

Rafting- River rafting can be enjoyed by both young and elderly people. The stretch across the Ganges here offers thirteen thrilling rapids from grade I to grade IV. One can chose from the grade as per the age and stamina. One needs to check out the rafter's profile before choosing them. Though there are expert instructors present to guide and provide basic equipment, one needs to carry the essential equipment on their own such as goggles, antiseptic cream, tennis shoes, nylon shorts, swimsuit, sandals, hat, medications along (like insulin, inhalers ) etc. one planning to enjoy white water rafting expedition during spring or autumn should dress accordingly. Rafters are advised to dress themselves in layers so they may easily add or remove accessories as required. One should wear wool or clothing made of synthetic materials in winter while one can opt for cotton cloths in summers

Body Surfing and Cliff Jumping- The skill of riding a wave without using any kind of buoyant device is called body surfing. It is usually done using pair of specially made swim fins. There are some known sites along the River Ganges where one can enjoy this light adventure sport. Experts are available to give introduction. One needs to find out the place where the waves are breaking. Cliff diving or cliff jumping is one of the most sensational sports to enjoy in Rishikesh. This exciting adventure sport started on the Hawaiian Island of Lana in 1770. One needs to climb up a rock to reach the jumping platform to plunge into the water. One should carefully choose the height of the jumping platform and can take necessary advice from the instructors. Life jacket and a helmet are some of the most necessary equipment to carry before you take jump off the cliff. One should be expertise if trying radical jumps.

Kayaking- This particular adventure sport uses a kayak to paddle across a waterway. One can choose to go on a kayaking expedition or an extended trip across the Ganges. Ganges river rapids have been categorized into different grades according to the difficulty level. They have been classified from Grade I (simplest, slightly moving water) to Grade VI (almost un-runnable water). The sport of kayaking requires little necessary equipment. Such as kayak boat, a paddle and a life jacket, waterproof bags. The most important thing to remember while kayaking is to prevent the kayak from capsizing (overturning). It is always advised to be accompanied by an instructor to get the proper guidance.

Canyoning- This adventure sport is now gaining wide popularity among adventurers. The adventure activity is enjoyed by the various age groups and involves a number of outdoor activities. Narrow Ganga gorges and the rugged terrains of the Shivalik Himalayas offers amazing experience of this unique sport. One can choose from easy or extremely difficult level of canyoning depending upon the skills and stamina. One has to use his navigational and route finding skills as the route may be quite wilderness. One may use the magnetic compass to navigate the direction.  Some of the necessary equipment to carry along with while canyoning are climbing gear, wet suits, ropes, helmets, shoes, rope bags etc. It is also advisable to consult the expert before choosing the path.

Bungee Jumping- Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is performed through a Cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking a Rocky River Huel, a tributory of River Ganga. Jumps are done with rubber chords tied to one s ankle. The minimum age defined for Bungee jumping is 12 years. And the minimum and maximum weight should be 35 Kg and 110 Kg respectively. One is advised to have comfortable shoes suitable for hikes/treks, cameras, first aid box for personal medication if required etc. to have a safe and enjoyable jumping. There are charges for combo packages for Bungee and Each jump is priced at Rs 2,500, while there are combo packages for Bungee and flying fox at Rs 3000 and Rs 4000.

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