Travel Articles on Trekking

Travel Articles of Trekking

10 Do’s while visiting Nathula Pass in Sikkim For those who do not know about Nathula Pass, Nathula is a pass located on the Indo Chinese border (La meaning Pass in Tibetan) which is guarded by Indian and Chinese troops. The place is about 55 kilometers from Gangtok which takes about 2 ½ hours to 3 hrs by road and passes through Tsongo Lake.Nathula is covered with snow throughout the year which was initially traditionally used for trading by merchants of India and Tibet. The following 10 Do’s can make your trip to Nathula Pass enjoyable…1.    Get yourself physically examined before starting to Nathula.2.    Carry necessary first-aid and medicines with you as oxygen decreases as you go higher.3.    Wear thick woolens, gloves, trekking-gear and goggles to protect yourself.4.    Carry snacks like biscuits, popcorn or mixture etc, to eat as shops aren’t available easily.5.    Carry a thermos flask in case you want to have tea/coffee on the way to keep yourself warm.6.    Hire a local expert driver who is acclimatized to the roads and the conditions.7.    Carry enough cash with you to buy necessary essentials.8.    It’s not advisable if children are accompanying you.9.    In case of any emergency, handover your contact addresses or number to someone when you are away as mobile services isn’t available.10.  Go in a group, it’s always helpful...more
Top Adventurous Activities to Enjoy in Indian Himalayas Ask any adventurist about his favorite adventure destination and you will get a unanimous reply 'The Grand Indian Himalayas'. The mighty Indian Himalayan ranges are a home to almost every thrill filled activity, be it a trekking, rafting, skiing or mountaineering. Read below to know more about the audacious activities that you can enjoy in the Himalayan ranges. ..more
25 Must See Places to See in India before you die India is an epitome of culture and abode for many incredible tourist places to visit. It is a 7th largest country in the world and attracting numerous tourists every day from all corners of the world. Here, we have listed "25 best tourist places to visit in India" that you must visit at least once in your life time. ..more
Top Reasons to Visit Sikkim In terms of area, Sikkim is regarded as the second smallest state in India. However in terms of biodiversity, this size really doesn't matter much. Being sanctified with the mighty Himalayas, the landscape of Sikkim is beautifully bejeweled by picture perfect sights of the nature. In addition to the scenic beauty, there are various other things that paint the white serene canvas of the Sikkim valley. However, if you are still wandering on reasons for visiting the splendid state, then kindly have a look at the mentioned below points and gets the answer to all your queries.Visit to the Ancient Monasteries..more
Top 5 Treks in Kumaon Kumaon is a very attractive place, which is popular worldwide as the paradise for the trekkers. The trekkers can certainly feel the fresh air, stroll through the dense forests and see the fascinating destinations while trekking in Kumaon. As the tourists pass through the serene landscapes, the secluded environment and the marvelous beauty of the several mountain peaks will magnetize the visitors. Some of the top treks in Kumaon are as follows:..more
Skiing and Snowboarding in India The mountains of India are more often thought of as a place for climbing and trekking than as ski destinations, but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the cooler weather in this country that is known for its hot climate. India offers a unique experience for skiers and snowboarders, since it is rare to find a destination that can combine such unusual terrain with the chance to experience a culture beyond the typical European and North American ski resorts. The local cuisine is also ideally suited to the cold environment, with a spicy curry offering just as energizing an end to the day as the more typical hot chocolate. In addition to a wealth of interesting cultural opportunities and excursions down from the mountains, there is even the chance that you might spot the elusive snow leopard while skiing in some areas, although you would have to be incredibly lucky to see this rare animal in the wild...more
Top 5 Trekking Tours in India Do you meet the following points -..more
Ananthagiri Hills – Vikarabad Trip Ananthagiri Hills Ananthagiri Hills - One of the popular Tourist Places of Vikarabad, located about 80 kms east of Hyderabad in Vikarabad, Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh. Vikarabad is one of the dense forests of Andhra Pradesh. The water from Ananthagiri Hills flows to Osmansagar and Himayathsagar Lakes...more

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