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Local Dance of Arcot, Urumi Komali Attam:-
Urumi Komali Attam is the famous dance in Arcot. This dance is performed on Pongal, which is one of the famous festivals for Tamilians. In this dance, Jester (professional clown) will have an important role to perform through his songs putting on bright glittery clothes. Audience can perform along with Jester in this play. These songs stress more on social feelings than religious feelings where the dancers go from house to house to collect gifts.

Handicrafts of Arcot:-
Arcot is famous for its clay work, which ranges from toys to large deities and other items as well. Karigiri of South Arcot is renowned for making products with a local semi- glassy white low fusing china clay which has `namakatte`(means high plasticity). The specialty of this clay work handicraft lies in its highly artistic shapes, original colors in glazes and excellent ornamentation.

Important telephone numbers:-,

Tamil Nadu Tourism Office
Tamil Nadu Tourism Complex,            
No.2, Wallajah Road,                     
Chennai- 600002.                               
E-Mail Id:                        
Phone Number:-044-25368358
Precautionary Measures:-
Generally the climate of Arcot will be dry and healthy. The mean maximum and minimum temperatures during summer and winter varies between 38.3°C and 18.95°C. During summer the humidity ranges from 40% – 63% and 67% – 86% during winter. Take some basic travelling precautions like wearing a hat in the sun and applying sunscreen lotion when you are going out. Carry some general medicines for fever, cold, body aches, head aches, etc. Pack some winter clothes to keep you warm if needed.

Accommodation in Arcot:-
Since Arcot is a developing city, there are very few hotels for accommodation. But if you plan to stay in nearby cities like Vellore and Walajapet, you will have many options to choose, like budget hotels, lodges, 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels, etc.

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Basically the Name Arcot stands for 'Aaru' means Six 'Kaadu' means Forests. Whch makes 6 Forests around the town in ancient time which still We can see by 6 Lord Shiv temple around the town.... added by   Chandran Mahesh on Oct 27 2014
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