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Arcot, Tamil NaduArcot is a developing town of Vellore district in Tamil Nadu, India. It is located at the Coromandel Coast where the Palar River meets on the Southern banks. Geographically, Arcot is located at 12.9°N 79.33° E and it has 164 meters (538 ft) of average elevation.

Arcot originated from the Tamil words ‘aaru’ (River) + ‘kaadu’ (Forest), which means 'a forest of fig trees'. Tihruvazhundur was the previous name of Arcot during the period of Cholas in 1000 AD.

Arcot is a developing city in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located on the eastern end of the southern banks of Palar River. The city is known to be the principal market for the surrounding agricultural area which straddles a highly important trade route between Chennai and Bangalore, between the Mysore Ghats and the Javadi Hills - (Javvadhu Malai).

Arcot is also an historical town which was ruled by the Nawabs. The place boasts of forts, monuments like the ‘Delhi Gate’ and mosques such as the ‘Green Stone Mosque’, etc.  It is also famous for the course rice variety called ‘Arcot Kicheli’, several rice mills and paddy mandi’s. Agriculture, weaving industry and oil industry are the main source of business in Arcot. ‘Makkan Peda’, ‘Star Biryani’ and ‘Keechil Sambar Rice’ are famous eateries in Arcot.

The city of Arcot celebrates ‘Mayana Kollai’ in a big way which is a function celebrated for Angalamman (the village deity - Angala Parameshwari). This major function is celebrated in the Tamil month of ‘Maasi’ (Amavasya) in the English month of February and March every year. It consists of animal sacrifice of goats and chickens to the deity. People paint themselves and appear as gods having goat flesh in their mouths and drumsticks in their hands and walk over the bazaar street towards the burial ground.

Arcot consists of a mere population of approximately 1, 14,125, of which most of the people are literate. The literacy rate in Arcot is approximately 75% which is higher than the National average 59%. 
Although, Arcot is considered a small place to explore, but still it holds its own importance in many ways and is considered a must see when one visits the near by Vellore city.


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Basically the Name Arcot stands for 'Aaru' means Six 'Kaadu' means Forests. Whch makes 6 Forests around the town in ancient time which still We can see by 6 Lord Shiv temple around the town.... added by   Chandran Mahesh on Oct 27 2014
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