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Alwar is popularly known as the ‘Tiger Gateway’ to the historic and colorful state of Rajasthan. Alwar is located in the state of Rajasthan between 27°04, N. latitude and 28° 04, E. longitude with an elevation of an altitude of 237 meters above the sea level and an area of 44.76 Sq km. 

It is flanked by the barren hills of Aravalli range and bounded on the north and north-east by Gurgaon (of Haryana) and Bharatpur district and on the north-west by Mahendragarh district of Haryana, on the south-west by Jaipur and on the south by Sawai- Madhopur and Jaipur districts, respectively.

There are many theories behind the name of Alwar. 

  • Lord Cunningham has the explanation that the city derived the name from the Salva tribe who lived there and was known as Salwapur. Later on the name turned to Salwar and eventually remained as Alwar.
  • The second derivation is pertaining to its geographic location. As the city is flanked by the Aravalli ranges it was known as Aravalpur meaning the city of Aravalli. And over a period of time became popular as Alwar.
  • There is also a theory as per which the city got its name after Alaval Khan of Mewati.
  • A research conducted by Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar states that the city of Alpur was found by Maharaja Alaghraj who named it after his own name and hence Alwar. Alwar was formerly spelt as 'Ulwar' during Maharaja Jai Singh's period the spelling was changed to Alwar.

Alwar is a city and administrative headquarters of Alwar District in Rajasthan and a part of National Capital Region (NCR). The city is surrounded by lush green and breath taking natural scenic forests and lakes which form the backdrop to this enchanting place. The site is adorned with architectural splendor and monumental structures making it a tourist delight. The beautiful lakes, gardens, deep valleys and thick forests cover is a haven for many species of birds and animals.

Formerly known as one of the princely states of all time, the region of Alwar had a strong hold of the Rajputs which came under the British rule pre-independent India. The city stretches west from the railway line towards the hills crowned by the 10th century Bala Quila. Most of the sightseeing and build¬ings such as the City Palace and Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri are located on this side, providing a good view of the town from the Fort. The Alwar Inter-State Bus Terminus is located in the centre of the town. At a little distance is Hope Circle, a busy traffic junction sur¬round¬ed by markets like Churi Bazaar and Kalakand Market.

Alwar’s cuisine is same as the Indian, Continental and regional food of the area. Hotels and restaurants here offer wide choice including the traditional Rajasthani food: world-famous for the various spices used in its preparation, Mughlai and fast food. For the ones with a sweet tooth - don’t forget to try Alwar's specialty – the 'Palang Torh' (the milk cake) which is famous all around India.

Humana People to People Movement is an international humanitarian organization carrying out social development work in third world countries. Alwar district is an adapted model project run by Humana People to People India (HPPI). The project seeks to work with people in their communities to develop a life with dignity and well-being. The result is achieved through providing services that meet the basic needs of the society. Access to good health facilities, education, information in general, environmental preservation and a life free of HIV/AIDS are inclusive in the model. Providing awareness to people for protecting their social, economic, cultural, civil and political rights is an important part of the program.

Alwar currently figures as one the most prominent tourist hubs of Rajasthan with a bustling centre of educational activities, which has given birth to many renowned scholars. The shopping buffs can explore the local markets and find a variety of artifacts ranging from colorful bangles to double dyed saris, from silver jewellery to Rajasthani handicraft items.

Roaming through this historic city would definitely leave a lasting impression on your minds forever and fetch you unforgettable memories.

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I love Alwar City... added by   vikash shukla on Jan 28 2013
I love Alwar City... added by   vikash shukla on Jan 28 2013
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