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Ahar is a small town located at 24.58o N latitude, 73.72o E longitude and at an altitude of 589 meters. Ahar is located in the district of Udaipur in southern region of Rajasthan state. Ahar town is situated 565 km away from New Delhi and 3 km away from Udaipur.

Ahar region was found by Asaditya about 4000 years. During 1075 AD, Malwa ruler Vikramaditya VI lived in Ahar region before he made Ujjain as the capital of Malwa kingdom. This region was called as Anandpur during the period of Vikramaditya VI. Later on Guhilots took over Anandpur and renamed it as Aharias. Eventually Aharias became a part of Mewar Kingdom and came to be known as Ahar.

Most commonly used languages in Ahar are Hindi, Rajasthani and English. A visit to Ahar is assured to be a memorable experience. The place is famous for being the cremation ground of the rulers of Mewar. Today, Ahar is also renowned as an archeological site that offers interesting facts to archaeologists and research scholars.

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