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The Sajjangarh Fort is 5 Km west of the city of Udaipur.  It is built on Bansdara Mountain on an altitude of 944 meters above the sea level. Sajjangarh was built as a fort with defensive mechanism in place however it was also used as a palace for recreation and pleasure of the royal families. The fort was the royal summer residence of Mewar kings, at the same time due to the high altitude it was used to monitor the progress of monsoon during the rainy season. Hence this palace is also popularly known as Monsoon Palace. An excellent view of the lakes, surrounding hills and majestic palaces of Udaipur provide a treat to the eyes of the tourists visiting this fort.

The objective of this structure was to have an observatory to check constantly on the progress of monsoon clouds from the adjoining areas.  This fort has high watch towers that are guarded. The Sajjangarh fort was equipped with an ingenious rainwater collection system, essential in the dry desert conditions of the region. It is an innovative way of collecting rain water for consumption all round the year.

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