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Jag Mandir is situated on one of the two natural islands in the Pichola Lake, on its southern end. It is also called the "Lake Garden Palace". The Jag Mandir is a three storied structure including Gul Mahal, Jag Mandir, Entry pavilion, Garden, Darikhana and Bara Patharon ka Mahal.

Gul Mahal
Gul Mahal was the first structure built in 1551, by Maharana Amar Singh. Later it was developed by Maharana Jagat Singh to house the Mughal prince Khurram (popularly known as Shahjahan). The crescent of Islam was fixed on top of the dome. The Gul Mahal has three circular domed chambers, one above the other. Entry to these chambers is from a columned hall. Two marble chhatris with sloping roof rise above the main structure. The interior marble slab walls were inlaid by rubies, onyx, jasper and jade. These patterns were reported to be repeated in few structures in Agra in 1626.

Jag Mandir
Jag Mandir is considered to be the main palace which comprises of towers that are octagonal in shape and are topped with Cupolas. The palace consists of reception halls, residential suites and internal courts built in Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. The Zenana Mahal (residence of royal ladies) adjoins the palace. The Kunwar Pada ka Mahal (Palace of the Crown Prince) is located at the western end.

Entry pavilion
The pavilion is the entrance of the palace. It is an impressive white colonnade of cusped arches. This is the landing jetty for the boats arriving from the main land which cruise through the Pichola Lake. The pavilion has large stone elephants four on each side of the stairs facing the Lake Palace.

The large Palace Courtyard is the flower garden filled with many varieties of fragrant flowering plants. Fountains and water pools are across the garden and the garden has beautiful walk ways. This palace garden is the venue of the parties held by the current Royal family and is also available on hire for private parties.

Darikhana is located on the northern side of the palace. It is an open terrace with marble columns. It houses a restaurant run by the present Maha Rana.

Bara Patharon ka Mahal or Palace of the Twelve Stones
Eastern wing of the main palace houses the Bara Patharon ka Mahal. The palace takes the name from its structure which is built using twelve solid marble slabs (Barah Patthar).

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