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The dominant community other than Hindus in Jaisalmer are the Jains. They have beautified the city with beautiful temples. These temples are the must visit for all the tourists as they portray the talent of Rajasthani craftsmen and architectures.

Lodhurva was the ancient capital of the Bhati Rajputs. This place is one of the important tourist spot. This is famous for the ruins of Jain temples. The most mesmerising experience is the peacock dance. Peacocks are plenty in number here.

Lodhurva is well known for its Jain temples, which were made of bright yellow sandstones. You will find walls decorated with the pictures of Lord Parsvanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar. The beautiful Jaali works make these temples marvellous. Though in ruins, these Jain temples look splendid.

The Parshvanath Temple:
The Parshvanath Temple is the main Jain temple here. It predates the others and was even destroyed once in 1152, but was reconstructed in 1615 by Seth Tharu Shah with further additions. Its Torana Dwar or main archway is probably the most ornate of its kind in Rajasthan and interestingly the sentry outside is a Rajput, not a Jain. The ceilings of the Sabha Mandapa support a demonic looking multi-hooded serpent canopy surrounded by five bodies. As you walk around the mandapa the head seems to connect, in turn, with each of these in turn. The walls of the sanctum are carved with animal and human figures. The shikhara, is crowned by an amalak, and a water pot containing a lotus flower

Kalpavriksha(Celestial Tree)
Kalpavriksha Tree is located inside the temple complex. This tree was made up of alloy of eight metals, when the real tree died. It symbolises enlightenment. There is a strong belief that any person who wishes anything with pure heart here, gets fulfilled by the power of copper leaves of the tree.

It is a saying that a black cobra lives in a carving of the outer wall of the temple for more than 400 years and it comes out only 10 - 15 times during summer, any person getting the glimpse of this serpent will be blessed with good luck.

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