Lodhurva Jain Temples history

Lodhurva Jain Temples History-Origin-Importance-Architecture

This temple was reconstructed in the year 1615 by Seth Tharu Shah as it got destroyed once in the year 1152.

Rishabnath Temple:
Close to ruins of Moomal Palace and dead Kak River, there is another Jain temple in Lodhurva named Rishabnath Temple.

Jain mythology says that Rishabdevaji lived as a prince for 20,00,000 years and nearly 63,00,000 years as a king. Legend says that he had not taken care of himself for 1000 years and then he reached the infinite after meditating deeply for three and half days without food and water.

It was commissioned and constructed by a Marwari Seth Sachcha in the year 1419.

Shambhavnath Temple:
This temple was made in Lodhurva for Jain Tirthankaras, possessing the symbol of horse. To protect the temple complex from the aggressive Hindu and Muslim rulers it erected strong high walls around the complex and has octagonal pyramidal roof. Each corner of the temple is entitled for different Jain Tirthankaras. You will find Rishabhnath in the southwest, Parshvanath in the northeast, Ajitanath in the southeast, and Shabhavnath in the northwest.

All these temples are standing here from 1618.

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