Jaimal And Patta’s Palace, Chittorgarh

About Jaimal and Patta’s Palace Information-Chittorgarh

Jaimal Rathode and Patta Sisodia palace was the last addition to the Chittor fort.  These structures do not qualify to be called as palaces in terms of grandeur. They appear like two residences built in memory of the brave Rajput leaders Jaimal Rathode and Patta Sisodia who fought and died defending the Chittor fort. The exteriors of these palaces are frugal and they appear to be in ruins.

A three storied tower called Chonda is on to the south of these two palaces. This was built in memory of Chondawal clan.

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nice history but detail is not so much present.... added by   sneha dhadhal on Mar 19 2014
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