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Tulsi Mandir is an eminent monument and ancient temple located in the city of Jalandhar. Tulsi Mandir formerly was called as Vrinda Devi Temple and it is built in the memory of Vrinda Devi. Vrinda Devi is the wife of demon king Jalandhara. There is a sacred pond located near the temple. It is in belief that the demon king Jalandhara used to take bath in this pond.

Gupha Temple is the famous shrine of Annapurna Devi, which is located close to the Tulsi Mandir. Goddess Annapurna Devi, the incarnation of Goddess Durga is worshipped at this temple. It is in belief that goddess Annapurna Devi is prominent for the perfection in wisdom. ‘Anna’ means food and ‘Purna’ means complete or perfect, thus Annapurna is empowered with the ability to offer food to a numerous people.

Brahm Kund temple is another temple located close to the Gupha temple (Vrinda Temple) and few other temples bestowed to Shiva are located nearby to this temple.

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