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Sodal temple History-Origin-Importance-Architecture

Sodal Temple is an ancient temple located in Jalandhar city. It is in believed that, once a woman went to the river to wash her clothes carrying her baby along. Despite being told to move back several times, the boy went ahead to play in the river. Thus his mother lost temper and yelled at the boy - ‘Have you come here to die? Go and drown yourself in the pound’. Boy asked his mother three times to repeat her words, which she did. It is believed that, then the boy jumped into the pond and never came back.

Some other people believe that, the boy turned into snake and penetrated himself in to the earth. Since then, Baba Sodal is being worshiped as their God.

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I am vikas sotra from jammu jai baba sodal ji.....on september 02, 2014... added by   vikas sotra on Sep 1 2014
i am ranjan Chadha from jammu jai baba sodal ji ... added by   Ranjan Chadha on Feb 20 2014
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