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Baripada is a city and a municipality town in Mayurbhanj district in the state of Odisha, India. Geographically located at 21.94°N 86.72°E Baripada has an average elevation of 36 meters (118 feet). Located at the foothills of the Similipal mountain range, Baripada is an excellent place to stay and begin the journey of seeing the beautiful region of Mayurbhanj. A region with one of the most important wildlife parks of India (Similipal), lush valleys, forest lands and scores of ancient temples. Baripada town is encircled by four rivers the Budhabalanga, Chipat, Jarali & Sarali. Baripada is the shopping paradise for the people of whole Mayurbhanj district.

Orissa is said to be a land of temples designed and built by the best architects who showcased their mastery in art through magnificent temples and other buildings. This art can still be seen in tribal designs, on their walls and homes and in some aspect of their daily lives. The city of Baripada too lends credence to the above description. Its temples and its heritage buildings stand testimony to one of the best architectural splendors one can see. The temples hold a Ratha Yatra or the Chariot Race every year which is a festival of carts and bullock races that draws a lot of spectators. But at the end it is the temples that woo the tourists. The temples of Baripada stick to the Indo Aryan style of architecture, which is not to be missed at all.

Baripada has ample greenery to soothe one’s eyes and boast of some beautifully built temples too. The city is one of the important centers in the district of Mayurbhanj, famous for its greenery with one of the impressively spread wildlife parks in the country. These parks are worth a notice as it also houses some rare species.

The place is also a shopping paradise for the residents as well as the tourists because of the variety that is on offer here. Baripada has also made a name for the exquisite handloom articles available here. Tourists can shop for the popular handloom products of Chandanpur and stone carvings of Khiching in Baripada.

The famous Chariot festival or Ratha Yatra that has been celebrated for many centuries, the world famous tiger sanctuary, the Similipal Forest Sanctuary and its marvelous waterfalls have brought immense visitors and share of fame to the town.

Baripada is a fascinating town in the expanse of Orissa. Being the headquarters of Mayurbhanj district, the town has all the necessary ingredients for a lovely holiday. In fact, your tour to Orissa would be incomplete if you don’t travel to Baripada.

Baripada is well known for its Rath Yatra (Car Festival). People from far and wide come to attend this amazing festival of Orissa. Baripada is also recognized globally for the origin of Chhau, an Indian tribal martial dance. Based on the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata, this dance form shows the triumph of good over evil.

Baripada serves as an excellent base for touring Mayurbhanj, since most of the tourist attractions are located in the vicinity. There are ample lush valleys, forestlands and ancient temples in the region. If you want to get some exquisite handloom stuff and Bangriposi ‘tusser’ fabric, then Baripada’s Chandanpur market is the place for it. The famous stone carvings of Khiching can also be bought in Baripada. To put succinctly, Baripada would be a pleasant surprise for you, on your trip to Orissa. 

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