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One of the temples situated within the Mukteswar temple premises, the Kedar Gowri temple is an ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Gouri. Adjacent to the temple is a stream that has many myths and beliefs attached. According to Kapila Samhita, an ancient text, whoever takes a sip from the stream is absolved of all karma, and attains moksha. In other words one is totally absolved from the repeated cycles of birth and death if one drinks water from the stream.

The building of the temple too has an equally interesting but morbid tale of lovers and their tragic death. It is in the memory of the lovers Kedar and Gowri that King Laltendu Kesari decided to build this temple.

There is also another interesting belief of two tanks ‘Khirakunda’ and ‘Marichi Kunda’ whose water is said to be curative, healing. The water of Khirakunda is white in color and extremely hygienic and digestive for which it is carried to different places for drinking purposes. The water of Marichi Kunda is sold on special days such as Asokastami by auction. It is said that sterile women who would like to conceive should drink this water in order to get fulfillment.

Another mythological story doing the rounds recounts that Lord Shiva wanted a less noisy place than that of Kashi (Varanasi) hence instructed Narada to search for another. Narada took Lord Shiva to Swarkuta hill in the dense forest of Ekamrakanan. It is said that the Lord was instantly taken in by the place and started residing for longer periods. Parvati too insisted to be brought to this place. Hence Shiva decided to take his marriage procession from Lingaraj temple to Kedar Gouri and get married to Devi Parvati thereby bringing her home with pomp and show. This place gained fame as the Pitha or place of penance for the Devi of Ekamrakshetra.

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