TarnetarMela: Sep 19th

Tarnetar Mela is popularly known as TrinetreshwarMahadev Fair. Generally it is 3 days festival held from September 19 to 21 on this year at Tarnetar in Saurashtra, in the state of Gujarat.The temple heavily renovated in the 19th century, is believed to be the site where Arjuna won the hand of Draupadi in an archery contest. The popular belief associates the village with the 'swayamvar' of Draupadi after Arjuna performed the 'Mastsyavedh', an unbelievable feat of archery.This Mela is a kind of marriage market for the local clans - the Kolis, Bharwads and Rabaris who visit Tarnetar to find suitable brides. Traditionally, if the girl stops to talk to one of the men, it is a symbol that she has found the man of her choice. Another important feature of this fair is the 'TarnetarChhatri' (umbrella). These umbrellas are a delightful treat for the exoert of art. The umbrellas meticulously decorate with mirror work; complicated embroidery and fascinating lacework are worth seeing.

PitrPaksh: sep 30th -oct 15th

According to Hindus Tradition, PitruPaksha is celebrated for the departed souls of dead progenitors, parents and relatives. This year pitrPaksh falls between September 30th to October 15th. Mainly there are 3 debts in Hindus methodology- Devarina(Debt to the Gods), Rishirina (Debt to the Guru), and Petranina (Debt to the fore fathers). But most of the people prefer to perform Shraddhas at their homes and some other holy places like Gaya, Varanasi, Haridwar and Badrinath. Generally Shraddha is performed by the elder son of the family who in honor of the dead offers oblations and he offer food to the cows and crows. This festival celebrated by all over India.

Tejaji fair: Sep 25th

Tejaji Fair is the birth anniversary of Veer Tejaji who was the protector against Snakes, Scorpions and Mosquitoes. Tejaji is regarded as aJat folk diety and worshipped entire Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madya Pradesh by all communities. People believes that Tejaji save them against the bites of these parasitic reptiles. The rural people participated in this fair with zeal and enthusiasm. This festival mainly celebrated in Kharnal in Nagaur district in the state of Rajasthan.

Ladakh Festival: Sep 1st – 15th

Ladakh Festival is celebrated between September 1st to 15th every year at Leh and ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The festival begins with a long parade, of local leaders, school children and dances, which makes its way through Leh. This festival includes archery, polo, Mask dances from the monasteries, and traditional dances by cultural troupes from the villages.

Festival of the month

Ganesh Chaturthi: Sep 19th

“Ganapati Boppa Morya” this is time in the year when streets of Indian cities reverberate with this chants. September month sees the start of festive seasons for Hindus after a short break. Ganesh Chaturthi is a popular Hindu festival in India, this year it is celebrated on September 19th. Ganesh Chaturthi is also called as Vinayaka Chavithi and Vinayaka Chaturthi. This festival is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Lord Vinayaka, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Generally this festival is celebrated with devotion for 11 days. On this holy day people buy idols of Lord Vinayaka and install them in their houses and streets.

On the the 11th day of this festival these idols are taken out ceremoniously, through the streets of the town and immersed into the nearby River or Sea. Ganesh Chaturthi is especially celebrated with much gusto in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai, and Banglore. Using of Idols made of mud or biodegradable material is of at most importance keeping the environment in mind.