Jaipur Marathon – 2012 (4th Jan- 22nd Jan, 2012)

The Annual Marathon of Jaipur will be a month-long event commencing on
4 January and closing with the Marathon on 22 January 2012. The race categories are The Half Marathon of 21.09 km for above 18yrs and The Dream Run of 6.00 km. for above 12yrs. With Salman Khan as the face of the event and the cultural diversity of India as the concept this Marathon is sure to give a racing start to the New Year 2012. Prior registration to participate is mandatory and is open online. Rush to register and try catching the Pink City on run.

International Kite festivals in India-: At Jaipur (14 Jan 2012) – At Ahmedabad
(9 to 12 Jan 2012)

The Festival at Jaipur is organized annually by the Tourism Development Corporation at a local stadium. Kite flying experts across the globe compete with each other in displaying their skills. Kites of varied colors, shapes adorn the skies of Jaipur including the illuminated kites famously known as Tukals. A kite market, tempting food stalls and captivating cultural performances keep the visitors engaged.

The Festival at Ahmedabad will be held along the banks of Sabarmati River for four days. Apart from the 150 competitors and the flying spectacle a light and sound show, workshops and training on kite making and a canopy showcasing the history and significance of kites will add value to the event.

Rann Utsav 2011 (9th Dec - 15th Jan, 2012)

'Rann Utsav' is a celebration of the nippy desert tranquility at
Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The ecologically and culturally rich,
Kutch district holds this festival annually beginning on a full moon
of December month. The landscapes of white silver sands of Kutch
delight the visitors coupled with the excellent cultural programs
showcasing the heritage, history and the lifestyle of the people.
This carnival spreads across the varied locales of this land perceived
as the 'cradle of craftsmanship' and leaves the visitors craving for more.
The event also provides an excellent platform to promote the ideas,
concepts and products and grab great business opportunities.

A White Christmas @ Pahalgam

Ring in your X-Mas and New Year vacation in Pahalgam, the queen of snow tops in Jammu & Kashmir. During winter, Pahalgam doubles up as a Ski resort when all its slopes get covered with a thick layer of snow. Whether in summer or in winter - Pahalgam offers breath-taking views of the Valley, the Meadows, the Rivers and the Mountains…More

Hot Gujarat Destinations for the month

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