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Umngot River, Dawki: At the entrance of Dawki from Shillong, you will get to see this river Umngot, flowing towards south. The river starts its journey from the eastern part of the Shillong peak, which is at the height of about 1800 m above sea level. It separates East Khasi Hills District from Jaintia Hills District by creating a boundary in between the two. Boat race is organized every year on this river at Umsyiem in the months of March - April. The calmly flowing river covers a distance of 82 Km and irrigates around 800 Sq km of farmland. At the final lap of its journey it enters into the plains of Bangladesh. Umngot River is also called by the name Dawki River, which has greenish-bluish color transparent water. The water of this river is so clear that one can get the clear view of the bottom of the river even from a distance, due to its transparency, the shadows of the boats fall on the bottom of the river, which makes the viewer feel that boats are floating in the air. The scene in and around this river is so mesmerizing that one cannot leave the place with ease.

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