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Khongman, Manipur: Khongman is located in the Imphal East district of Manipur. Its geographical coordinates are 24°46′40″N and 93°57′37″E and is located at an elevation of 790 meters above sea level. The Imphal River flows through the area. Khongman is about 7 km from the state capital Imphal and about 7 km from the district headquarters Porompat.

Imphal east is bounded by Assam on the east, West Imphal on the west, Tamenglong district on the east, Thoubal district on the south and south east, Senapati district on the North and North east. Porompat is the district headquarters of Imphal East district. The district consists of beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and streams. The landscape beauty of the area is absolutely scenic.

Khongman is a census town located in the Imphal East district of Manipur. The town has a small population of less than 6000. As per the survey report of the population of the town there is more number of women than men. The percentage of women is 52% against male percentage of 48%. The town has one of the highest literacy percentages of 76%. This depicts high development in terms of education and skilled employment.

People in Khongman:
Khongman is inhabited by a vast range of people. Tribes belonging to various communities such as Loi, Yaithibi, Bamon, Mayang, Pangan, Thadou, Kabui, Tangkhul, Hmar etc. inhabit the area of which the Meitei tribe dominates. They in turn have seven sub-tribes.

The tribes have also adopted the modern culture and life a metropolitan city life.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the residents. The main crops of the area are paddy, maize potato, vegetables, sugar cane, maize, pulse, oil seed, Chilli, onion, ginger, turmeric and coriander.

Festivals in Khongman:
1. Yaoshang festival - This is the most popular festival of Manipur celebrated in the month of February / March for five days. It is a colorful festival alike the Holi festival of the Hindus. The interesting feature of this festival is the moonlight dance. Boys and girls sing and dance holding hand in hand. It is a festival of joy and harmony.
2. Cheiraoba festival - This festival is celebrated in the month of April by almost all the tribes. It is a festival of joy. Houses are decorated and offerings are made to deities. It is also a New Year for the Meitei tribe. The typical feature of this festival is that the villagers climb the nearby hilltops and believe that it enables them to rise to heights in their worldly life.
3. Ningol Chakouba - This festival is celebrated by the Meitei community where the married women (Ningol) are invited for a feast at their parental house along with their children. Gifts are given to the women and her children. This is a family bonding festival that falls in the month of November.
4. Lui-Ngai-Ni - It is a festival of the Nagas celebrated on 15th February. This is a seed-sowing festival after which tribes belonging to the Naga group begin their cultivation. Social-gathering, songs, dances and delight mark the festival.
5. Lai-Haraoba –This festival is celebrated by worshipping the ancient deities and ancestors. A number of dances by both men and women are performed before the ancient deities. It is celebrated in the month of May.
6. Heikru Hidongba –Celebrated in the month of September, it is a festival of joy with religious significance. The interesting feature of the festival is the 16 meter wide and a long narrow boat that are rowed by a large number of rowers. An idol of Lord Vishnu is installed before the commencement of the race.

Nearest Big Town:
The nearest big town to Khongman is Imphal which is about 7 km away.  Imphal is the state capital and an extremely well-developed city.

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