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Canchipur, Manipur:  Canchipur also spelt as Canchipur is a suburb town of Imphal in Manipur. Being so close to Imphal, Canchipur  is a well-developed town with all modern infrastructural facilities. The town enjoys good educational institutions, industries, handloom industries and a number of small scale industries.

Canchipur  is located in the West Imphal district of Manipur. It is about 10 km from the state capital Imphal and is the suburb city of Imphal. The geographical Coordinates are 24°54′N 94°00′E.

The West Imphal district is bounded by Senapati District on the north, on the east by Imphal East and Thoubal districts, on the south by Thoubal and Bishnupur Districts, and on the west by Senapati and Bishnupur Districts.

The Imphal River, Nambul River and their tributaries are the main rivers that flow through the district. The valley of Imphal West district is very fertile and is mainly made up of alluvial soil of recent origin.

The headquarters of Imphal-West district is in Lamphelpat town and Imphal is the headquarters for administration.

Famous People in Canchipur: 
Canchipur  is inhabited by a vast range of people belonging to different tribes and regions. Tribes belonging to various communities such as Loi, Yaithibi, Bamon, Mayang, Pangan, Thadou, Kabui, Tangkhul, Hmar etc. inhabit the area of which the Meitei tribe dominates. They in turn have seven sub-tribes.

In addition to tribes communities like Nepalese, Biharis, Malwaris, and Punjabis also inhabit the area. These communities lead in the business and industrial sector.

The tribes have also adopted the modern culture and life a metropolitan city life.

Festivals in Canchipur: 
1. Lui-Ngai-Ni - It is a festival of the Nagas celebrated on 15th February. This is a seed-sowing festival after which tribes belonging to the Naga group begin their cultivation. Social-gathering, songs, dances and delightmark the festival.
2. Lai-Haraoba -This festival is celebrated by worshipping the ancient deities and ancestors. A number of dances by both men and women are performed before the ancient deities. It is celebrated in the month of May.
3. Heikru Hidongba -Celebrated in the month of September, it is a festival of joy with religious significance. The interesting feature of the festival is the 16 meter wide and a long narrow boat that are rowed by a large number of rowers. An idol of Lord Vishnu is installed before the commencement of the race.
4. Kwak Jatra -This festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is celebrated with great devotion and grandeur. It is celebrated in the month of October and represents the victory of righteousness over evil. A procession is carried out with the idol of the Goddess made to be seated on a throne and devotees follow singing hymns and throwing flowers.

Nearest Big Town:
The nearest big town to Churachandpur is Imphal which is about 10 km away.  Imphal is the state capital and an extremely well-developed city.

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