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Ango Ching, Ukhrul: Ango Ching in Ukhrul is a forest area measuring about 150 sq. kms and is bounded by Sanalok (Chamu) River in the west, Myanmar in the East, Kachouphung in North and Chatric in the South.

The way to the area is very tough with a very difficult terrain. This difficulty in turn helps it to retain its natural beauty and today it stands as a virgin forest. It is the home to a number of rare and original vegetation and animals. To mention a few - elephants, tigers, Sambar, deers, barking deers, wild buffalo/wild bison (gaur) hook lock, black bear, leopard, wild cat, horn bills, peacock Tragopan etc.

The place is still not commercialized and very few tourists come here mainly due to its difficult road. But it is indeed a great place to explore natural beauty, flora and fauna.

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