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Loktak Lake, Bishnupur: Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake and is the only floating island of Manipur.

This huge and beautiful stretch of water spreads upto 312 sq. km area and looks like a small island sea. The floating weeds on the lake are a treat to the eye.

The marshy islands of the Loktak Lake float and this is what makes it unique and attractive. Habitants such as the endangered Brow Antlered Deer or Tkamin inhabit the islands in the lake. They live in small herds and graze in the mornings and evenings. They also balance the eco - system of the area. It is the home to the migratory waterfowl.

The lake has about 64 species of fishes and it yields about 1,500 tons of fish every year. It provides great employment opportunity to the local fishermen.

The blue waters of the Lake, labyrinthine boats and colorful water plants are the attractions of the lake. Visitors can enjoy boating, angling and other water sports here. Collecting the tri corn shaped Singhara fruit of lotus also pleases many visitors.

The local fishermen live near the shore of the lake and the small dwelling look very pleasant. The lake has floating islands on which people have built their houses.

The Sendra Island in the lake attracts a number of tourists.

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