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Guhagar is a city in Ratnagiri District in the Konkan Region of Maharashtra State. It has the Arabian Sea on the west and is surrounded by small hills on the other three sides, dense with green vegetation.

The name Guhagar is derived from the mythological pages which mean "Cave House".

 Velaneshwar Temple, Guhagar Beach, Ganapati Temple, Vyadeshwar Temple, Chandika Temple, Gopalgad Hill, Uma Maheshwari Temple, Anjanvel, etc are the main attractions of this place.

Guhagar is a picturesque village on the Konkan coast of Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra. Located near the Arabian Sea on the west, the city of Guhagar is situated in a scenic environment with the background of hilly terrains up to 100 meters high with dense greenish vegetation. There are also many places around Guhagar which are popular tourist attraction besides the serene and pleasant sea shore with many rough rocks.
Guhagar is a relatively unknown destination by tourists and has retained its natural charm and tranquil atmosphere. The villagers are mostly engaged in minor agricultural activities and in a few agro-based cottage industries. In the early 1990s the area was set for massive development when the Dabhol Power Project was launched but the project failed to take off. Some enterprising locals are involved in tourism related commercial activities like lodges, small eateries, etc.

Guhagar is a nice place to stay with lots of Hotels and resorts to choose from. The accommodation and food is good and you can enjoy a nice holiday. The beach is clean and the water is good for swimming. Soft sandy beach, eye catching sunset in the horizon and exquisite water sports facilities; Guhagar makes a perfect destination for secluded stay and adventurous sports activities.

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