Bor Dam And Reserve Forest, Wardha

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The Bor Dam is located in Selu Taluk in village Bori which is 32 km away from Wardha. The premise of the Dam has a beautiful garden and a reserve forest developed by declaring it as tourist place. This place is full of flora and fauna having hills with dense forest over there.
The Bor Reserved forest declared in 1970 spread over an area of about 61.10 km of which 28.73 Sq km is conserved and 32.37 Sq km is reserved forest. One can spot Nilgay, Deer s, Spotted Deer s, Wild Pig, Bear, Wild Cats, Peacock etc are found in this forest. As per the Census of Tiger in 1983-84, six cheetah, and two tigers are found in forests of the district.

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good... added by   on Oct 6 2012
Also I request tourists if they don't know swimming, they shouldn't dare to enter in the water where depths are unknown. Also care should be taken while moving on slippery rocks. At least tourists should take care that there should be 2 or 3 good swimmers in their group in case of any urgency. There is no need to perform any stunts at such places, no one is gonna get impressed with such acts. We should be responsible. Some one is waiting for us at home.... added by   Parag Thamke on Jun 18 2012
Recently an unfortunate incident happened here in Bor dam where my brother slipped off from a rock and fell in water. He lost his life. Aren't there any warning boards available here for tourists safety. Aren't there any barricades installed at risky places. I request government should strictly follow security measures at such places like warning boards and barricades should be installed. Also good swimmers can be appointed on permanent basis to save any unfortunate incidences.... added by   Parag Thamke on Jun 18 2012
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