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Matheran has 38 points from where one can get a glimpse of nature s beauty. Point seeing in Matheran is quiet easy due to the presence of sign boards and map. Maps are also easily available in Matheran and can be used to plan your point seeing. Given below are few points which one shouldn t miss:
Panorama Point- Located 6 km from the market, this is a must visit point in Matheran, which offers a panoramic view (that s why it s named as Panorama point) of the Sahyadri ranges. Famous for its view of the sunrise, it is also referred as the King of points.

Heart Point - The heart shaped point offers a spectacular view of Mumbai at night and a view of the Matheran bound toy train coming up the hill. Here one can see a beautiful scene of the valley.

Monkey Point- The point owes its name, to the monkeys abounding the area. The point is popular for its view of the Matheran railway and the city of Mumbai from here.

Louisa Point - The view from here to the waterfall (run off from Charlotte Lake) during the monsoon is spectacular. One of the hillocks on this point is called Lion s Head.

Echo Point - True to its name, this point has some superb echo effect. Feel free to shout loudly at the point and hear the echo coming from distant places through the valleys.

Lords Point - All these spots are located near Charlotte Lake. One can see the Prabal fort and Louisa Point from here. It also presents a beautiful sunset scene.

Artist Point - It is another famous point situated near Paymaster Park.

Khandala Point- It is situated near the Karsandas Library and offers a good view of Garbut point. The scene of the waterfalls in the rainy season is absolutely mind-blowing. 

Alexandar Point- It gives a good view of Garbut Point Chowk valley, Karjat, Chinchavli, Palasdari with its lake and the river Ulhas.

Rambaug Point - 2 km from Matheran, the point gives an excellent view of Garbut point, Khandala point and Karjat point.

Chowk Point - Provides another spectacular view of the South-most tip of Matheran.

Sunset (Porcupine) Point- Originated from the bird Porcupine as this place has the shape resembling that of Porcupine bird. A nearby majestic attraction is Cathedral rocks located on the western side from Porcupine point to Louisa point.

This spot offers the ideal view of sunset and also gives the majestic view of distant Prabalgad fort.

Garbut Point- Situated 5 km from Matheran, it is famous for its views at sunrise and sunset. From here one can view the Central Railway line as well as Bhivpuri and Khandala.

One Tree Hill Point - A unique hill that has only one big tree growing on it. The way to reach the hill is a bit risky and steep.

Honeymoon Hill Point- A favourite spot for newly wedded couples.
Myra Point- It is situated near Harrison Spring.  From this point one can see Garbut point and Khandala hills. The scene of the waterfalls during the rainy season is charming. 

Madhavi Point- The point gives an excellent view of Garbut Point, Baimashankar, Khandala Point and Karjat Point.

Coronation Point- This point is named after the Coronation of Edward VII, King of England, on January 1st 1903.

Our Point- It is in the vicinity of Porcupine point, Monkey Point, Panorama Point, Bawa Malang, Chanderi, Mhasmal and Sidhgad hills.

Rustomji Point- From Rustomji point one can view the beautiful Landscape of Bombay harbor.

Marjories Nook and Belvedere Point- Both are nearby and on the road of One Tree Hill. From these one can see Prabal fort and the flow of Dhavari River.

Landscape Point- The point gives an excellent view of Echo point.

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