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Mahabaleshwar s 30 exotic viewpoints provide visitors with a spectacular access to the ultimate in fascinating landscapes. Some of the popular view point s are-
Arthur s Seat- Renowned as the Queen of all points, this popular spot derives its name from the famous British actor Arthur Malet. Arthur s Seat is blessed with spectacular scenic beauty. The wind under the hill here is so powerful that it returns everything that is flung.
Baghdad Point- One of the most beautiful spots which provides a superb scenic view of the back waters of Koyna dam on your left, river Solshi in front of you with tiny villages and vast green slopes of Mahabaleshwar plateau on your right.
Babington Point-
Positioned at a height of 1294 meters above the sea level, Babington point is situated atop the boulevard that leads to this location. A meandering path way that passes through some of the lovely visions of nature finally fetch the visitor to a superb open space from where one can enjoy the awesome beauty of the landscape below. Most imposing sight from Babington point is the view of the gorgeous Koyna valley, Chinaman s waterfall and saddle back.
Bombay Point (Sunset Point) - A popular spot for offering breathtaking view of the sunset. Also called the sunset point, one can also get a view of the Sahyadri range, Makrandgad & Pratapgad on the north. The place has a large open space with a bandstand. It is an ideal place for late afternoon picnic.
The Mumbai Point is the official place from where people can view the sunset over the valleys below at Mahabaleshwar. The point gets its name as it is on the old road to Mumbai. There is a lovers point to the left of the Mumbai point.
Carnac Point-
Named after Sir James Rivett Carnac, the former governor of British reign who had been prettily inspired by the pictorial beauty of Mahabaleshwar.

Carnac point offers the amazing sceneries of the majestic saddle back peaks and the precipices of Babington Point. Though obstructed, one can also witness sunset from here. Clothed with lustrous greenery, the ravines below the points are extremely beautiful in the month of October when the salubrious cold environments reflects the beauty at its zenith.
Connaught Peak- Situated at an altitude of 1400 meters this peak is a favorite destination of riders. The second highest point of Mahabaleshwar, the Connaught peak was named after the Duke of Connaught in 1880 and was formerly called as Mount Olympia. One can enjoy the panoramic view of green carpet, sunrise as well as sunset from this point.
Elephant s Head Point- Named after the cliffs which overhang resemble an elephant s head and trunk. The Elephant s Head Point renders breathtaking views of the surroundings. The mountain range of Sahyadri is also visible from this point and it is bewitching to watch. It is beyond the Lodwick Point at the extreme end of the mountain range.
Marjorie Point-
Located at about 500 meters below the Konkan valley, the Marjorie Point offers enchanting and panoramic view of the Sahyadri Ranges. This point is also named after a prominent British administrator.
Wilson Point (Sunrise Point)- Situated at 4710 ft above sea level, the Wilson point is also known as the sunrise point. It is a vast plateau having three platforms that provide breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. Platform no. 2 offers clear picture of the sunrise.
Elphinstone Point-
The Elphinstone point commands an overall view of the nearby surroundings; this point gives you the freshness and warmth of nature. One can enjoy the beauty of the Koyna valley and the thriving of the plains here. Spectacular scenery is the ravine, which lies amidst of Elphinstone point and Arthur point. River Savitri originates from here.
Falkland Point- Named after Sir Falkland, a governor of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency, this charming spot offers you yet another wonderful vision of nature that reflects the true beauty of the light woods found in the hilly terrain of Mahabaleshwar. Falkland Point unfurls a magical world that is filled with the mesmerizing charm of the Koyna valley.
Helen s Point- Popularly called as the Blue valley, Helen s Point is the treasure house of enchanting sceneries. This majestic point unfurls the gorgeousness of the lush green fields and the modest huts. One can also witness the Krishna River surge through the tiny fields.
Helen s Point is famed as the basis of the majestic Solshi River. Apart from that the tourists can enjoy the melodious music of gushing waters of a nearby cascade. Robbers Caves, North Coat point and Gaolani Point are the other remarkable spots adjacent to Helen s Point.
Hunter Point-
Providing a stunning panoramic view of the valley is the Hunter point, which is situated within the boundaries of the main town. At an altitude of 1290 meters, Hunter point offers the visitor with the most alluring vision of the Koyna valley and apart from that a wide range of astounding spots with pictorial sceneries.
Kate s Point- Perched at 1473 meters in Mahabaleshwar is the Kate s point which is also known as the echo point . Offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, the beautiful Krishna River and the Dhom dam, Kate s Point is worth visiting.
Gaolani Point- From Gaolani point you can enjoy the scenery of two valleys on the two sides. If you walk by Gaolani ride you will enjoy the scenery of Koyna valley on your right hand at many spots.
Lodwick Point- Formerly known as Sydney Point, Lodwick point was renamed when a memorial pole was erected here in memory of the first British General Lodwick Whowas the first one to visit Mahabaleshwar in 1842. A popular hangout spot which offers breathtaking view of the valley below. Equally famous is the divine view of the Lodwick Fall.

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its very good but the descriptions should have pictures... added by   kaushik mukherjee on Mar 19 2012
its very good but the descriptions should have pictures... added by   kaushik mukherjee on Mar 19 2012
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