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The Ahmednagar fort was built by Ahmad Nizam Shah to commemorate his victory over Jahangir khan. Known to be the most prominent of attractions in Ahmednagar land which was captured by Maratha king in 1759 and remained in their handstill General Wellesley captured it. The third Nizam Shah, Hussain, who ascended the throne in 1553 AD, found himself constantly at war with his neighbors. Six years after his ascension, he was besieged by Ram Raja, the king of Vijayanagar. He decided to strengthen the mud edifice created by his grandfather, which he had been using as a fort.

Later a team of Portuguese engineers were commissioned, and they created what is seen of the Ahmednagar fort today. Over a mile in circumference, it was built from rock hewn out of the moat, almost 200 feet wide and twenty feet deep. The duke of Wellington, who captured the fort in 1803, considered it one of the strongest forts he had ever seen.

In 1942 Pandit Nehru and other Indian leaders were incarcerated within the walls of the fort. Pandit Nehru wrote famous book Discovery of India during this period.

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