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Narsinghpur or Narsimhapur, originally known as Chhota Gadarwara, is a city in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is renowned for having an ancient temple of Lord Narsingh.

Narsinghpur is the administrative headquarters of Narsinghpur District. Geographically it lies between 22°95' north latitudes and 79°02' east longitudes and has an average elevation of 347 meters (1138 ft).

In the 18th century Jat Sardar, who were the followers of God Narsingh came to this place from Brij. They ruled here for long time and founded the city Narsinghpur. Later they constructed a large temple of Lord Narsingh, where a beautiful idol of Lord Narsimha was placed. The village Gadariya Kheda becomes "Narsinghpur" which later on turned into the headquarters of the district Narsinghpur.

Narsinghpur is famous for its rich agricultural produce. The city is blessed with rich black soil which is usually very fertile and good for agriculture. Farmers employ both old and new agricultural techniques for good crop production. In Narsinghpur, the production of grains is more than the actual requirement. The main crops cultivated here in Rabi season includes Wheat, Pulses, Peas, Alsi, Masoor, etc. and in kharif season are Paddy, Jowar, Bajara, Makka, Kondo, Kutki etc. Soya bean and Sugarcane are the major commercial crops grown here in large quantities and it serves a major source of income for the Narsinghpur farmers. Soya bean is used for oil extraction whereas Sugarcane for sugar and Gur. The city is considered as one of the largest producer of Soya bean in the Madhya Pradesh. In addition one can also see floras of medicinal importance. Also there is ample production of mangoes. Narsinghpur is also rich in minerals, for e.g. soap stone, dolomite, fireclay, limestone are some minerals found excessively in this area.

Locals of Narsinghpur or Narsimhapur celebrate National Festival/Mela with great joyous and enthusiasm. On Narsimhapur road, about 25 km from district headquarters, there is Manegaon where this National Festival/Mela is held every year.  This festival is organized in the memory of Rudra Pratap Singh. From Republic day onwards, one week's fate in which State Level Tournament of Kabdadi, Voliball, Kho-Kho, Dos ball etc. are organized. Other activities includes Choupad, traditional folksongs etc.

The nearest big town to Narsinghpur is Jabalpur, located at a distance of about 89 km.

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