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Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India, is located in the districts of Sagar, Damoh and Narsinghpur of Madhya Pradesh state. Although it is a lesser known protected forest but is well rich in biodiversity. The Sanctuary occupies an area of about 1197 sq km.

The Sanctuary is well known for its unique Jungle Safari destination in India. In addition it offers adventures of nature trek. A number of watch towers are also there which help in viewing of animals like Indian wolf, Blue Bull or Nilgai, Indian gazelle or Chinkara, Four horned deer and marsh crocodile.  In addition Chinkara or Indian gazelle, four horned and barking deer are also seen. Sometimes Sloth bear, leopard and Indian wolf are also seen at this place. The Indian wolf is one of the endangered and rare animals found in Nuaradehi and special care is taken for its conservation. The Sanctuary is one place where the Langurs and rhesus macaque are commonly seen. Among the birds one can see spotted creeper, parakeets, peacocks, minivets, orioles, eagles, storks, owlets and owls, kingfishers, partridges, quails, doves and many more here. Numerous species of resident and migratory birds take shelter in this forest as well as water bodies situated in this region.

The river Bamner that flows through the Sanctuary is a good place to see reptiles mainly crocodiles. The Blue Bull, Sambar, Chinakara, spotted deer and some other animals are seen in Cheola Lake. These water bodies also serve as an ideal place for birding. The forest region around the Cheola Lake is ultimate for wildlife safaris. Floral varieties comprises of Teak, Saja, Dhawda, Bhirra, Amla etc. Teak is predominantly seen in this region.

When in Nauradehi Wild life Sancutary, one can plan to visit Rani Durgawati Sanctuary which is about 55 Km from this place. This Rani Durgawati Sanctuary also proffers with sightseeing of wild animals.

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