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Mysore Zoo, Mysore: Another major tourist attraction in Mysore city is the Mysore Zoo. Formally, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens is Spread across 245 acres of land in Mysore City. This is a magnificent zoo which was established in the year 1892 by the Mysore King. Mysore zoo houses a diverse collection of animals from more than 40 different countries, including magnificent species kept in natural surroundings. It was set up under royal patronage in the nineteenth century.

The Mysore zoo, which is one of the oldest zoo s in the world is not only an excellent collection of animals, but also has a beautiful bandstand and a picturesque setting with the Chamundi hills as its backdrop and the artificial Karanji lake on its premises, which attracts several species of migratory birds during the breeding season including painted storks, pelicans and darters. Other attractions include the Zoological Garden with 35 species of exotic ornamental plants and 85 species of trees from India and abroad.

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