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Karanji Lake Nature Park, MysoreA water body amid lush green environment is the Karanji Kere (Kere is Lake in Kannada language) in the heart of the city of Mysore. The surroundings of the lake are used by the people for jogging and the lake is used as a place to immerse the idols of Ganesha after the festival. 

Karanji lake is surrounded by a nature park consisting of a butterfly park with more than 50 varieties and a walk-through aviary. The nature park is also home to large number of species of birds. Some of the common migratory birds found here are Grey Pelican, Painted Stork, Ibis, Cormorant, Egret, etc. which nest on trees in the islands present in the lake. Various species of wild fowls are also preserved in addition to the peacock. The great Indian hornbill wild hens and ducks are also seen here. A pelican swimming meditatively on the calm waters of the lake can be sighted from a distance.

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