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Brindavan Gardens, Mysore: Situated at the base of the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam and built across the river Cauvery, Brindavan garden is 19 km northwest of Mysore City. The place was once called the Krishnarajendra Terrace Garden, one of the most beautifully laid out terrace gardens in the world which was famous for its symmetric design. The garden is enriched with fountains, terraces, parterres, running and cascading water channels, water chutes, lush green lawns, flower beds, shrubs and trees.

Brindavan garden is a public park and it is one of the important tourist spots of India. The boating pond in the midst of the garden is a location where the visitors can enjoy a boat ride around the famous statue of Goddess Kaveri. It is a mesmerizing sight when the whole garden is lit up in the evenings. Apart from the different types of plants, the garden is decorated by spectacular fountains and ornamental pools. The main attraction is the "Dancing Musical Fountains" that come to life after sunset.

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very nice place... added by   janak raj on Jul 5 2012
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