Hotel Priyadarshini Deluxe, Maddur

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Hotel Priyadarshini Deluxe comes under a category of 3,2,1 star hotels

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Mysore Road
Hkv Nagar
Maddur - 571428
Phone No :- 08232 232725

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One room book today ... added by   Nagendra Prasad on Nov 8 2017
Do you have A/C rooms with attached western style toilet?... added by   srinivasan on Apr 12 2016
meals order contact 09944547183... added by   John on Apr 3 2014
Hai I Am Venkatesh From Manndya , Basaralu, I want a room on 08/12/2013 tO Family I and my wife, Is available Can u call on 8971000123... added by   Venkatesh on Dec 2 2013
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