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About 20 kms from Bhadravathi city, there is yet another happening picnic spot, the Bhadra River Project Dam (in short the BRP Dam). Most of the city dwellers come to visit this place especially when the river flows with full glory. Bhadra River Project, famously know to people as BRP is a huge dam built across the River Bhadra. Since the dam is located very close to Lakkavalli village, it is also known as Lakkavalli dam.

The 194 feet high BRP Dam was designed by M. Vishweshwaraiah, the then Chief Engineer of Karnataka State that served as the major source of irrigation and power generation (with two turbines) for the city and its surroundings. Throughout the year the water in this dam is up to the brim. What mesmerizes you about this place is its location which gives a picturesque look with many small forested islands with beautiful backdrop of the hilly terrains. The serene atmosphere is much sought after for most of the tourists.

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