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Lal Bagh garden is the famous botanical garden developed by Haider Ali during 17th century, situated in lal bagh, bangalore. Built akin to the style of Mughal Gardens, the garden is stretched out in a staggering 240 acres of land that has thousands of varieties of flora and vegetation brought from France, Persia and Afghanistan. The successor of Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan further developed the garden by adding several species of herbs, shrubs and medicinal plants. 

The garden got its name "Lal Bagh" (Red Garden), as it is called so by the young Tipu Sultan while he saw the red filled splendor of the rose garden. The garden has an organized irrigation system and well designed with lawns, plains, flower beds, pools, flower ponds, fountains, floral structures etc. The garden also has some of the oldest trees, which are tagged for public identification. 

Some of the must see attractions in Lal Bagh garden include the oldest rock formations that date back to 3000 million years, the Kempe Gowda tower, the alluring Glass House which houses the flora exhibitions. Though the Glass House is a latest addition to the garden, it is the most sought after attraction drawing large number of visitors during the flower exhibitions held on every Independence Day and Republic Day. 

One of the towers built by Kempe Gowda is located on the Lal Bagh rock where you can find the unique floral clock. Also, there is an horticultural seedling centre which was well maintained by the British rulers in the 18th century. They built a military bandstand and a glass house I lines of the Crystal Palace of London to host flora exhibitions. Notable personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Queen Elizabeth II etc visited the place. 

The Lal Bagh garden, also known as Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens are open to public for free during early mornings and evenings. The park has a regular number of visitors including foreign tourists, joggers, sportsmen, children and athletes seeking a fresh breeze.

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