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In the fond memory of the Field Marshall Mr. K.M. Cariappa, the park was built in 1996 from a segment of Parade Grounds, near MG Road in Bangalore. A colossal seven foot statue of Cariappa can be found. The park is stretched out in 22 acres with six sectors. The park is organized by the Army Forces who have developed it in an elegant manner. Every fortnight, troops of military bands perform at the bandstand entertaining the public. 

The fun rounds and play pools were developed in a military style so as make the children fit and healthy. They include bunkers, Zigzag tunnels, jumping walls, cliff hangs, spider webs, Burma bridges, balance beams, Tarzan swings, hideouts and many more. Also, many varieties of flora can be found here. While pets and outside foods are strictly prohibited, visitors are allowed only during 1 pm to 7pm on Saturdays, 9am to 7pm on Sundays and 5.30pm to 8pm on weekends. Definitely a fun place to unwind and enjoy for kids.

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