Bichkiliya, Chatra

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An adventurous spot for those who would like to trek or walk for nearly 6 kms, Bichkiliya or Dah (meaning water reservoir in the local parlance) is a place that attracts those who love to be one with the nature.

Bichkiliya water reservoir is located to the west of Chatra on the banks of the river Niranjana (or Lilajan) at a distance of 11 kms from the city.

The waterfalls at Bichkiliya are just wonderful to look at. One can see the precipitates of the waterfall forming snow-white droplets descending on to the ground with a sound that is music to many nature lovers. Trekking and adventure enthusiasts who can walk long undulated terrains would surely find visiting this waterfall a delight. Lack of motorable roads has made this spot an adventurous one. 

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