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Across the Choglamsar Bridge, about 14 kilometres southeast of the Ladhaki capital – Leh, is the Stok Palace, overlooking the barley fields, standing 4 storeys above a large moraine of glacial deposits which were swept down from the mountain.

The Stok Palace sporting a mix of ancient and modern architectural style comprises of more than 80 rooms though not more than 10 are open for visitors. The palace houses a small museum with an interesting collection of Buddhist art, weaponry, coins, seals, antique ritual objects, ceremonial tea paraphernalia, and exquisite sixteenth-century thangkas illuminated with sparkling paint made from crushed rubies, emeralds and sapphires. But the highlight of the collection is the Queen's ceremonial jewellery and ceremonial headgear of the rulers. Still in use on important occasions, are the headgears which are embedded with slabs of semi precious stones such as turquoise, corals, lapis lazuli and gold. A must-see in the museum is a set of two swords which were supposedly tied up in knots as a demonstration of strength and dexterity by King Tashi Namgyal Phugtal Gompa. The palace is also known for its garden scapes. The Stok Palace is the best place to view sunrise and sunset from.

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