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Dharohar (means belonging), as the name indicates, treasures the ancient folk and cultural belongings of the country. The museum exhibits several items of culture, tradition and customs of Haryana. The well-developed fully air conditioned museum has all the facilities and amenities that delight the visitors. The building is beautifully illuminated with exquisite lights and has LCD screens, generator, water coolers, internet access and excellent security services.

The museum exhibits: Paintings, Photographs, Handicrafts, Antique Coins, Antique Weapons, Rare artifacts/items, Folk Costumes, Rare utensils, etc.

The museum is visited not only by Indian tourists, but a huge number of foreigners also visit the museum and are thrilled by the rich heritage of India. There are about 3000 rare and antique artifacts displayed at the museum. The second phase of development of the museum would be the “Village Concept” which would focus on the rural collections, culture, life styles and traditional objects.

The museum has an enormous collection of artifacts and objects pertaining to War-Heroes, Freedom Fighters, Architectural Heritage of Haryana, Archaeological Heritage, Folk Musical Instruments, Wall Paintings, Manuscripts, Gher (Cattle Shed), Agriculture & Folk Festivals, Water Heritage, Hukka, Chaarpais (Cots), Domestic Articles, Art and Craft, Transportations, Professional artifacts/tools, Haryanvi Ornaments, Haryanavi Rasois (cuisine), Folk Costumes, Theatre Chamber, Library and Research, Raj Kishan Nain Photo Gallery.

A number of donors have volunteered to contribute for the development of the museum and many more are coming forward on a daily basis.

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