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Jesal-Toral Samadhi is a sacred tomb where the mortal remains of Jesal and Sati Toral were buried. The history of Tomb of Jesal-Toral dates back to as far as 500 years. As per the inscriptions available, Jesal was a notorious thief and Sati Toral was a lady seer. It is believed that Toral has been instrumental in converting Jesal towards spiritualism. Jesal heeded to Toral and changed himself into a saint. However, they have immolated after taking live Samadhi. The place where their graves exist garners maximum attention not just from the people of Anjar but also from pilgrims and tourists across the world.

The famous words - Torale thran nar tariya, sasatiyo ne sadhir, jesal jagno chorato, tene palma & kidho pir i.e. Sati Toral showed path of spiritualism to three gents- Sasatiyo & Sadhir and the third Jesal whom she made saint in short time – have been immortalized thus. Sati Toral has been a very influential person all through her life in which she became successful in leading three men, Sasatiyo, Sadhir and the third being Jesal, towards the path of spiritualism.

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