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Kamakshi Temple, Ambaji: Kamakshi Mandir is another sacred place in Ambaji that is a must visit. Located near Kumbharia Jain temple, the mandir is often frequented by devotees to get divine blessings. One of the unique concepts for which the temple attains significance is the overview of all 51 Shakti Peeths at a single location. Reaching the temple is easy because of its nearness to the Khedbrahma Highway.

After visiting Kamakshi temple, every devotee will be enlightened with the Shakti Sampraday, which reflects the diverse incarnations of Adhya Shakti and her glory. Located at a distance of 1 km from Ambaji, the divine temple of Kamakshi Devi represents a people abode to all visitors alike.

The temple is at a reachable distance from Kumbharia Jain temple as well. Kamakshi temple wears a festive look during Navratri festival.

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