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Dispur, Assam: Dispur is Assam State Capital which is located in the environs of Guwahati. Located at 26°09′0″N 91°46′0″E, Dispur has an average elevation of about 180 feet above sea level.

The great Brahmaputra River flows 10 kms away - flowing north to northeast of Dispur with the city of Guwahati in between. Dispur is located in the Eastern flanks of the Himalayan Mountain Range and is at the foothills of the Shillong Plateau.

Guwahati Zoo lies 5 kms north of Dispur; 51 Sub Area Military Cantonment is 10 kms east of Dispur; Lord Shiva Temple in Basistha Ashram lies 5 kms south of Dispur; and the Saraighat Bridge on River Brahmaputra is 20 kms west of Dispur.

The Assam Trunk Road as well as the GS Road pass through Dispur from the centre.

Dispur is Assam State Capital which holds the powerhouse of the State - the Secretariat of Assam Government. Dispur is a well-laid out city which encompasses the Assam Secratariat; Assam Assembly House; National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Regional Office; State Bank of India (SBI) Zonal Office; the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC); and the French Moto Car Company Ltd.

You enjoy the wonderful cityscape of Dispur city which has both old and new buildings in a well laid out manner. 

From Tourism point of view, Dispur is visited majorly for the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre. Sankardeva Kalashetra - the hub of all Assamese cultural activities of the State; 'Jatia' and ancient city of Assam State and the famous Basistha Ashram are located just around Dispur.

Dispur and Guwahati share the infrastructure - which makes them the twin cities.

Guwahati (1 km west), Tezpur (185 kms northeast), Jorhat (305 kms northeast), Haflong (307 kms southeast), Dibrugarh (433 kms northeast), Shillong (Meghalaya State Capital - 99.5 kms south), Siliguri (in West Bengal - 437 kms west), and Kolkata (WB Capital - 1003 kms southwest) are the nearest bigtowns to Dispur.

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