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Yingkiong, Arunachal Pradesh: Yingkiong is the district headquarters of Upper Siang district and a beautiful tourist destination of Arunachal and also a worthy adventure activities place.

The area is inhabited by the Adi, Khamba, Idu Mishmi and Memba tribes. The Adis and Mishmis tribes believe in the sun and the moon as their God and the other two tribes are Mahayana Buddhists. Yingkiong has diversified culture as the locals have their own beliefs and traditions.

Agriculture is the main occupation of locals and the main crops of the area are Paddy, Maize, Millet, etc. Fruits like Orange, Pineapple, Guava, Banana, etc. are also grown here.

Yingkiong is an important city of Upper Siang. Infrastructural facilities like hospital, health center, and educational institutions are majorly located in Yingkiong

Yingkiong is located in the Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated at a distance of about 550 km from the state capital Itanagar.

Yingkiong is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level and its geographical coordinates are 28.61037°N and 95.047531°E.

The Upper Siang district is bounded by China (Tibet) in the North, East Siang District in the South, Dibang Valley in the East and West Siang District in the West. The Siang, Yamne, Nyigong rivers flow through the district.

Losar Festival - This is the New Year celebration of the Memba tribe that is celebrated for five days in the month of February. The festival includes prayers, hoisting of religious flags on top of houses, reading of Buddhist scriptures, and lighting butter lamps in the houses.

Khamba Festival - This is a festival of the Khamba tribe. Prayers, folk dance and feasting, mark the festival.

Reh festival - This is a festival of the Idu Mishimis that is celebrated for sixdays. The main attraction of this festival is the priest dance. The festival includes offering prayers to the Earth God and Water God. The priests tie a piece of wool around the neck and dance.

Aaran Festival - It is celebrated on March 7 by the Adi tribes. The festival consists of a huge feast and offerings are made to the Gods. Traditional Songs and dances are performed in the festival.

Etor festival - This is celebrated on May 15 by the Adi tribes. The festival consists of a huge feast and offerings are made to the Gods. Traditional Songs and dances are performed in the festival.

Solung Festival - This is celebrated from 1st-5th September by the Adi tribes. It is a harvest festival that is celebrated after sowing the seeds. The festival includes traditional songs, dances and offering prayers to the Sun and Moon gods to give them a good harvest. On the last day of the festival, weapons are displayed outside the house as the locals believe that it protects them from evil spirits.

Tamladu - This is a festival of the Mishmi tribe celebrated on 15 Feb every year.  During the festival, prayers are offered to the God of Earth and the God of Water to seek their blessings for protection against natural calamities. People worship Lord Jebmalu, a local God for the welfare of crops and animals. The festival is not restricted to the tribes but people from all communities are welcome to join in the celebrations.

Nearest Big Town:
The nearest big town is Along which is about 60 Km from Yingkiong. Along is a major tourist destination of Arunachal Pradesh.

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