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Rameswara Swami Temple: Achanta is famous for an ancient temple of Rameswara Swami, one of the forms of Lord Shiva. Achanta was also called as Marthandapuram in the past and the Siva Lingam present in the temple is said to be swayambhoo (self-formed). The Lord is popularly called as Achanteswara Swami . There are about six Shiva lingas in this temple compound- Lakshmaneswara linga, Someswara linga, Markandeya linga, Bhimalinga, Skanda linga and Indra linga.

The temple is also known for its beautiful architecture. The temple has a huge gopuram with five storeys at the entrance. On the top of this gopura, you can see two lions standing over the head of elephant. In between these two lions, you can see five Kalasha . A tall Dwajastambham can also be seen in front of the mukha mantapam inside the temple.

There are sub-temples of Lord Vigneshwara (Lord Ganapati), Goddess Saraswati and Saptamatrukulu inside the main temple. As you see in most of the South-Indian temples, there is a sacred pond, called as Pushkarini , beside the temple.

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