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The temple of Bhadrakali is one of the most popular temples in Warangal near Hanumakonda. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, one of the incarnations of Goddess of power. Situated on the banks of a lake, the divinity and sanctity of the place makes it one of the most powerful spots of Goddess in India.

The temple was constructed around a big boulder with the image of the Goddess Kali, carved in sitting posture. The image of the Goddess is about six feet tall with eight hands, each carrying Her significant weapons. The image of the Goddess had a fierce look, rather than a benevolent one, with protruding tongue which might scare any one who visits. Legends have it that, this frightening image of the Goddess, made some strange events happen in this once remote area.

It was believed that the Goddess was in the habit of visiting all her abodes in that area at night and people, who happen to see her fierce image, died of fright on the spot. This made many scholars and pundits gather to deal with such frequently happening incidents. They believed that the protruding tongue of the goddess was the cause behind Her being frightening. On an auspicious day, a Yagnam or Fire Sacrifice was performed and the tongue of the Goddess was broken. With the sacred mantras, the Goddess was bound with large Meru Sri Chakra Yantra at her feet, which is found even today.

The goddess was renamed as Tripura Sundari, meaning, “The beauty of the three worlds”. From then, the Goddess was completely transformed into more benevolent and supreme, with vital energy and feminine powers, from Her fierce look. A large image of Tripura Sundari was put up on the rear side of the temple. The Goddess sits on a seat which is called as Sada Shiva, meaning, ‘Eternally Auspicious’. Her left foot is let down on a lotus, the foot indicating Her active energies and benevolence and the lotus indicating that Her unprotected touch could shatter the earth. She has a pretentious belly that indicates the immense Prana (Energy/Power) She possesses.

There is a sacred thread of human heads around her neck that indicates the innumerable births she had to take before achieving her Supreme realization. Her lower left hand holds a mirror that symbolizes pure consciousness. The head she holds indicates the elimination of ego with a dagger which the Goddess holds on the opposite side. The sword and the Trishul (trident- a spear or weapon with three prongs) symbolizes that evil will not dominate the good or prevail in this world. The bell indicates the spiritual attainment while the damaru (small drum) sounds the primal notes of creation and termination. The rope in her hand can be construed in two ways; the rope of fascination with which one is bound to the world or in other sense, as a rosary upon which one counts mantras and liberates oneself from the worldly pleasures. The rampant cobra hood above her head indicates Her status as a Supreme Ruler of the entire universe.

The Goddess is worshipped with all the Sattvic (extremely pure) rituals just like in any other temple of Goddess. The basic rituals like Alankara, wherein the Goddess is adorned with every fruit and vegetable, is performed in this temple of Tripura Sundari. The moment you step into the temple premises, you can feel the divinity present there as you explore. This is one the temple where you will find the image of the Mother Goddess so enchanting that you cannot turn your head away from her and the more you look at her the more you will be drawn towards her. You will not forget the pleasant and the blissful feeling you get when you see the goddess for a long time.

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